Trump: America’s Hitler

There have been, since early fall, a number of comparisons made between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler– and in response, a number of defenses against this assertion.

Opinions aside, you can’t refute the facts (unless, of course, you’re Kellyanne Conway), so let’s explore Hitler’s rise to power in Germany in the 1930’s:

Germany in the 1930’s was a dismal picture.  The country had just bitterly lost WWI and was forced to pay enormous reparations for its role in the conflict.  These reparations swiftly devalued the Deutsche mark and caused a period of devastating economic decline.  Germans had lost faith in the government and were seeking elsewhere for salvation; enter Adolf Hitler.

Hitler ran for president in the 1932 election and was resisted vehemently by the German establishment– only fueling anti-establishment Germans’ support for him.  Though he lost the election (by 16.2%) he was appointed chancellor in 1933– and with the president’s death in August of 1934, Hitler assumed his new position of Fuhrer.

Hitler garnered support for the Nazi party on the premise that he would “make Germany great again,” a promise which resonated with a struggling people.  Hitler’s platform included a few major points which may sound familiar:

  • A “war” against establishment politics
  • An immigration freeze (i.e., no aliens, no refugees)
  • Press censorship if the printed word defames the Reich or population
  • Freedom of religion as long as it doesn’t offend the German moral

At this point it’s absurd to disregard the parallels between Hitler’s assumption of power and Trump’s.  Both men took advantage of a rightfully defeated people to realize their own agenda.

Make no mistake, Donald Trump’s near immediate censorship of national agencies and media outlets alike, his blatant disregard for facts (bonus: his claim to the authority to rewrite fact) and his intent to keep all of his campaign promises is the beginning of a Fascist America.

It is inadmissible for Americans to sit by in silence as we watch a play we’ve seen before. Nazi Germany didn’t plan on being Nazi Germany– their failure was recognition.  If we can recognize the Trump administration for being what it is, maybe we can save ourselves.



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