No, I Won’t Stop Talking about Politcs

The election was two days ago, and I hear you: nobody wants to hear about the election anymore.

Donald Trump won the general election, and the overwhelming response is that the leftists need to stop whining and accept our new President.  I hear you, I do—but no, I won’t stop talking about politics.

I can accept that Trump won the election and that, in January, he will become POTUS.  I cannot, however, just roll over and forget about politics for another four years.  That isn’t how this works.

Politics isn’t a switch that flips on every four years, it is a constantly moving machine.

House seats open up and local elections are held to choose people for roles that are very relevant to your everyday life.

Politics rolls on, and if you ignore the process, you will wake up one day and realize that you are no longer proud of the country you live in.

I urge you to learn about the political process.  Know who your representatives are.  Read up on proposed legislation.  Speak out when you disagree.  Stay involved.

For those of you elated at the outcome of the general election—just because your guy won doesn’t mean your job is over. The other side will stay vocal, and so should you.

For those of you disappointed by the results—don’t let go of that disappointment.  We may not have the progressive government we had hoped for, but the movement isn’t over.  Get involved on a local level; stay educated.

So for everyone begging me to just shut up: I’m sorry, I won’t.

I won’t stop talking about politics.

–Rowan Seets


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