What I, and Women Everywhere, Just Learned

On April 12, 2015, a qualified woman declared her bid for presidency in the 2016 election.

She is a Yale Law School graduate, a former First Lady, senator, and secretary of state.  This woman has been involved in politics from the age of thirteen, and has devoted her entire career to breaking down barriers for women everywhere.

Today, on November 9, 2016, I woke up to a world where this woman lost the general election to a bigot; a failed businessman with no political experience, numerous sexual assault accusations, and open business practice investigations.  She lost to a man so grossly under-qualified to run this country.

Today, I learned that we as women are not done with our fight.  There was a brief moment in which I was hopeful for the future– both of women and of the United States of America.  However, that is not the reality that I woke up to this morning.

Today I learned that my great country has not come as far as I had thought.

Today I learned that I can spend decades working toward a goal and still be passed up for a man.

Today I learned that rape culture is so prevalent that we as a nation just elected a President who condones sexual assault.

Today I learned that my worth is less to voters than the worth of coal mines and unborn fetuses.

Today I learned that women still are not equal– and that’s a sad reality to wake up to.

Today I learned that my neighbors are more comfortable with a bigoted President than they are a President with a vagina.

This isn’t over.  We may have lost this one, but I know I woke up this morning with a new anger.  I woke up with a burning rage– one that many marginalized voters now share– and we will get there.

My future daughters will grow up in a world where they are valued; a world where they are free to make their own choices and are given equal opportunities as men.  It is our job, the women of today, to create this world.

Today I learned that women are stronger than ever.

Today I learned that it is up to us to fix this.

-Rowan Seets



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